Unit One: Why Study Africa

Module One Exploring the Diversity of Africa
Module Two Learning about Africa
Module Three Examining Africa's Diversity
Module Four Examining Africa's Global Connections
Module Five Looking Back

Unit Two:  Studying Africa through the Social Studies

Module Six African Geography
Module Seven A. African History until 1500


B. African History 1500 to the Present
Module Eight Culture and Society in Africa
Module Nine African Economies
Module Ten African Politics and Government

Unit Three:  Studying Africa through the Humanities

Module Eleven African Literatures
Module Twelve African Art
Module Thirteen African Music
Module Fourteen Religion in Africa
Module Fifteen Africa and the World

Unit Four:  Regional Perspectives

Module Sixteen North Africa
Module Seventeen West Africa
Module Eighteen Central Africa
Module Nineteen East Africa
Module Twenty Southern Africa

Unit Five:  Country Case Studies

Module Twenty One Egypt
Module Twenty Two Ethiopia
Module Twenty Three Senegal
Module Twenty Four Ghana
Module Twenty Five Nigeria
Module Twenty Six Tanzania
Module Twenty Seven Congo
Module Twenty Eight Kenya
Module Twenty Nine South Africa
Module Thirty Zimbabwe

Additional Curriculum

South Africa:  Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy

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