Political History is the study and analysis of political events, ideas, movements, organs of government, voters, parties and leaders. It is interrelated to other fields of history especially Diplomatic history, as well as constitutional history and public history.

Political History studies the organization and operation of power in large societies. It focuses on the elites in power, on their impact on society, on popular response, and on the relationships with the elites in other countries. The field often involves the deconstruction of myths and received wisdom. Part of the aim of Political History is to do unbiased justice to the leadership of the past.

Political History "is an idea of the state with a moral and spiritual force beyond the material interests of its subjects: it followed that the state was the main agent of historical change,"(Hegel)

This contrasts with social history, which focuses predominantly on the actions and lifestyles of ordinary people, or people's history, which is historical work from the perspective of common people.

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